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Have you ever held a real, authentic Louis Vuitton handbag in your hands? Have you felt the thick, high-quality leather, looked closely at the intricate design, and run your fingers over the complex stitching and sturdy metal buckles? If you haven’t had this experience, it is one to which you should treat yourself.

On the other hand, have you ever held a replica Louis Vuitton bag? There are several differences you will likely notice: the leather or fabric might be thin or flawed, the design might be discolored or misaligned—a dead giveaway that you have a replica—and the stitching might be low-quality and prone to a break, while the metal in the buckles and clasps might be cheap and flaky.

A replica Louis Vuitton handbag, or replica Louis Vuitton shoes and replica Louis Vuitton sunglasses, cannot compare to genuine Louis Vuitton products, and simply holding them each in your hands could easily show you the differences in quality.